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Mufin MusicFinder (powered by Magix) is a very complete digital music finder
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Mufin MusicFinder (powered by Magix) is a very complete digital music manager. It handles all the music files on the computer and finds tracks on line.
Fraunhofer technology is used as a base for music recognition. The application brings real analysis for audio files, and creates playlists consisting of songs that match the user search rules on PC, MP3 player or iPod device. The built-in MP3 Manager detects music files based on their musical "fingertrack", completely analysing the file before it is displayed on the list, without relaying on ID3 tags or third party recommendations. In addition, it creates a playlist with other songs (tracks) that are similar or sound like the espected.

By selecting the music that really match the user's taste, MusicFinder will amange all the songs and create a playlist with (may be) never listened and forgotten tracks.

On line, Mufin MusicFinder Base is connected to many others music fans across the network, where is possible to meet people with the same music taste, chat, write wishlist, etc. The user can design a personal music area for sharing it with the other music lovers. MP3 ID3 tags can be completed by means of this music funs interchange, playlists can be shared with others, etc.

User searches the music (s)he wants to listen to can be accomplish by selecting genre, artist, album, etc. and all the results will be displayed right away.

The application has a built-in music player with a bar spectre display, and it can normalize volume level, balance, etc. automatically. The player can play the lists in random order.

Appearances and skins can be custom set on the program interface.

It has a good help file offline and a comprehensive tutorial online.

Ignacio Solves
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  • Good built-in music player. Good help file


  • It takes a long time to scan the entire PC looking for musical archives
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